A fake LinkedIn company profile sets the record straight


Today, every company that does completely trustworthy and honest business needs a clear and descriptive LinkedIn profile. And yes, that includes terrifically evil and entirely fictional companies like “Lumon Industries.”

It’s true. Lumon, the disturbing company that serves as the setting for the chilling drama Breakup on Apple TV+, has a new LinkedIn profile. And he tries to set the record straight on this some people say about the business.

Lumon Industries on LinkedIn

The Lumon Industries profile on LinkedIn links to a parent page from Red Hour Films, aka Red Hour Productions. It’s the production company of actor Ben Stiller, who is part of the team behind the Apple TV+ series. Breakup. Stiller serves as an executive producer on the series and directed six of the nine episodes of the first season.

The “About” section of the profile strikes a perfectly non-threatening tone by vaguely describing the company and its Severance surgery:

Lumon is a fictional company from the Apple Original series, Severance, which airs on Apple TV+.

Lumon Industries is a leading biotechnology company. Founded by visionary Kier Eagan, we are proud to uphold his legacy of excellence and adhere to his 9 core principles: Vision, Verve, Wit, Cheer, Humility, Benevolence, Nimbleness, Probity and Wiles.

What sets us apart from other workplaces? We offer select employees access to our patented severance process. What is severance pay? Imagine being able to come to work without being inhibited by your domestic problems. Or imagine being able to go home and never think about work.

Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, we are able to “sever” your brain so that, essentially, you have part of you that works and part of you that plays. We want to change the way big companies approach the ever-elusive “work-life balance”.

Not happy with this “say it all” book about Lumon

The LinkedIn profile includes a post decrying a “tell it all” book about what’s really going on at Lumon that Apple Books released Friday as a companion to the show. The book, titled Indemnity: Lexington’s letter, is “drafted” by a former Lumon employee who went through the termination process. She discovers terrible truths about Lumon and seeks to tell the world.

An “official statement” from Lumon’s LinkedIn legal department says the company does not “confirm or endorse” the contents of the book and orders everyone to “remove it immediately.”

Nice normal corporate videos

“Welcome to the family,” says the closing title screen on each video featured in the LinkedIn profile. Each of the five shorts “Tour Lumon with Dylan G.” videos – all under a minute – feature Dylan G. (played by Zach Cherry) touring the company’s offices.

That is, he leads tours of the areas around his department, Macrodata Refinement. The kitchenette. The bathroom. The lobby. The giant work room with four cubicles grouped in the center. Other departments of the company, and the disturbing stories the departments have with each other, are slowly revealed over the course of the show.

In all five videos, parts of Dylan’s on-camera monologue plays, as someone censors him and his snarky asides about the business.

The LinkedIn profile could be mistaken as legitimate, or not fictitious, by someone unfamiliar with the hit show. However, if they click on the “Visit the website” link, they go directly to the The AppleTV+ application and its Breakup pagewhere they can watch the show.

Six episodes of the series are currently available, and so far the series holds tight to the mystery of what the sinister “Lumon Industries” is actually doing, and why. The remaining three episodes air weekly on Fridays.

Apple TV+ is available by subscription for $4.99 per month.


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