Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah want revenge after the truth about past surfaces


In the fourth episode of Doberman Military ProsecutorDo Bae-man (Ahn Bo-hyun) is tricked into remembering a significant incident from his past by Cha Woo-in (Jo Bo-ah).

After preparing him to meet an accident, Woo-in hopes he will remember the incidents that happened in the past after his parents had an accident. At the time, he had been the only witness and he had seen the person behind his parents’ death.

However, he has continually buried that memory deep within him, and that’s exactly what Woo-in wants Bae-man to remember. She hopes he will remember the incident and be able to support her in her quest for truth and justice.

The same person who had his father killed in the past also has his hands on Bae-Man’s death. It’s a connection that Woo-in also hopes to use in Doberman Military Prosecutor.

When does Bae-man reminisce about the past in Military Prosecutor Doberman?

Despite Woo-in’s many attempts to remind Bae-man of his past in Doberman Military Prosecutor, she fails. In fact, he is relieved of his duties as a military prosecutor and is happy to no longer be involved in Woo-in’s plans.

He hopes to continue working with IM Defense as a corporate lawyer with Yong Moon-goo. Na Hwa-young (Oh Yeong-su), however, rains on her parade.

She is the mother of the CEO of IM Defense. She is also the true owner of the company and uses her son as a controllable figurehead. According to her, Bae-man is a bad influence on her son and his business, and therefore, she wants him out of their lives.

When she attempts to slap him, his gloves ride up and his disfigured fingers trigger a memory that Bae-man has kept buried all this time. Woo-in’s joke about his past and the truth intrigued Bae-man enough to chase the truth. He investigates the death of his parents and tries to find files on their accident.

Her gut also tells her that something is wrong with the circumstances surrounding her parents’ death. Despite her investigation, however, it is Hwa-young who triggers her memories.

Once he remembers the role Hwa-young played in the past, he realizes that there was a connection between his parents and Woo-in’s father. This episode of Military Prosecutor Doberman doesn’t expand on what happens between Bae-man and Woo-in after it’s made.

The public sees him being relieved of his duties, to return a few months later as a prosecutor. He stands with Woo-in in the trial of Hwa-young’s son, No Tae-nam.

It is clear that the two have joined forces in their quest for truth and justice. What is unclear, however, is how Bae-man will serve as a prosecutor in a trial that is being tried by the military court.

Whether or not he is returning to serve in the military or consulting on Woo-in’s case will be revealed in the next episode of Doberman Military Prosecutor.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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