America gave a blow to China, the export of chips for military use stopped


Strong points

The US decision to stop exporting AI chips to China
This decision by the Biden administration caused huge losses to American companies
America made the decision with national security and foreign policy interests in mind.

Washington. Amid ongoing tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan, the Biden administration has asked US giants such as advanced chipmaker Nvidia Corp and Advanced Micro Devices Inc to stop exporting AI chips. in China. According to a report by Reuters, this American bet can put a brake on all Chinese projects related to artificial intelligence. However, American companies have also suffered greatly from this ban.

Nvidia shares fell 6.6% hours after the export halt was announced. The company said the ban would impact development of the A100 and H100 chips designed to speed up machine learning tasks. In addition, the development of the flagship H100 chip announced this year could also be hampered. Following the ban, shares of rival Nvidia Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD.O) also fell 3.7%.

A spokesperson for Advanced Micro Devices told Reuters the new rules would prevent the company’s artificial intelligence chip MI250 from being exported to China, but would not affect MI100 chips.

China’s military use will be banned
According to US officials, due to the new rules, there will now be a complete cessation of fears that China could use these state-of-the-art chips for military work. Previously, the US administration had received numerous reports that China was using an artificial intelligence chip for its military. Regarding the ban on AI chips in China, US officials say it is an attempt to prevent cutting-edge technology from falling into the wrong hands. Officials said the decision was made with consideration of U.S. security and foreign policy.




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