Belarus revisited approaches to military training


Viktor Gulevitch. A stock photo

MINSK, Oct. 26 (BelTA) — Over the past academic year, approaches to military training have been revisited, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus – First Deputy Minister of Defense told reporters. Defense, Viktor Gulevich, at the operational meeting of the general staff, BelTA has learned.

“The past school year has prompted us to rethink our approaches to training our troops. This concerns command and control, the placement of command posts in various contexts, their security and their mobility. All this was revised during the year, ”said Viktor Gulevich.

According to the Chief of the General Staff, the new approaches are feasible and the armed forces are on the right track. Speaking about combat training strategies, Viktor Gulevich stressed the importance of greater mobility and independence of individual units at the tactical level: platoon, company, battalion.

“With this in mind, a lot has been done to modernize and resupply our units. This also applies to unmanned aerial vehicles of various modifications, communication and surveillance equipment. All this allows our troops to monitor the battlefield, manage firepower and carry out fire missions, ”said Viktor Gulevich.

According to the Chief of General Staff, the most important thing is to stick to the training schedule. Military personnel must constantly train in order to acquire the necessary combat skills. Belarus is closely monitoring the situation along its borders and the deployment of various units is under control. “If we see risks and challenges, we immediately send our forces and service units which can quickly repel a possible offensive,” added Viktor Gulevich.


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