Biden administration examined military options as part of efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon


By Kylie Atwood, CNN

The Biden administration has considered military options that could be part of an effort to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon if a multilateral agreement between the United States, Iran and other countries on the Tehran’s nuclear program is not recovered, administration officials say.

In October, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan received a briefing from Pentagon leaders on a full set of military options available to ensure Iran was not unable to produce a nuclear weapon, administration officials said.

The briefing – first reported by the New York Times – took place before the sixth round of the Vienna talks. But this round of talks, aimed at saving the Iran nuclear deal, has produced no progress.

The Biden administration still believes that a diplomatic route to avert a nuclear crisis is the best option, senior officials said. But, as CNN reported, officials have become increasingly pessimistic about the possibility of saving the Iran nuclear deal and warned to look to “other options” if diplomacy fails.

“Based on the results of the latest round of talks and the ongoing progress in Iran’s nuclear facilities, we are paving the way for – the foundations of another path entirely,” the House’s press secretary said on Thursday. Blanche, Jen Psaki.

The seventh round of nuclear talks begins in Vienna this weekend. And as negotiations resumed, the administration also confirmed that it will send an interagency delegation to the United Arab Emirates as it seeks to strengthen the enforcement of sanctions against Iran.

“If diplomacy cannot get off the ground quickly and Iran’s nuclear program continues to accelerate, we will have no choice but to take further steps to further restrict Iran’s revenue-producing sectors,” Psaki said.

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