CI Security changes company name to Critical Insight, reflecting its dedication to organizations with critical missions


SEATTLE – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –CI Security®, a provider of managed detection and response (MDR) services specializing in protecting vital organization networks and critical infrastructure, today announced the company name change to Critical Insight®.

The new name of the company truly represents its mission to champion organizations with mission-critical missions and enable them to thrive. Founded by former Seattle CISO Michael Hamilton, Critical Insight helps businesses, organizations, and municipalities with underfunded and overburdened IT staff. Customers will still benefit from the same talented security analysts, incident response specialists and consultants, and the same high level of service they are accustomed to from the combination of solutions and services from Critical Insight.

Critical Insight, which has long been the name of CI’s platform, captures the entire suite of services that includes MDR and gives customers a comprehensive overview of their security positions. The Total suite also includes assessments, penetration testing, incident response and vulnerability analysis.

“Security isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out; security is a journey in which everyone deserves a critical overview of what is happening inside and outside their network. As we launch our new brand name, we are also embracing an evolved cybersecurity model that delivers more to customers: a combined service with MDR as the foundation, paired with managed and professional services to cover the entire security journey. Our customers need not only MDR, but also risk assessments, vulnerability scans, IoT security, penetration testing and compliance-focused services, ”said Garrett Silver, CEO of Critical Insight.

CISO and Founder Mike Hamilton said, “From those who support life in healthcare organizations and public services, to those who shape life in education and governments, to those who enrich life in business ventures, what our customers do is essential. We protect those who shape our lives. It’s more than a commitment. This is our founding principle. A promise to our customers and our community. At Critical Insight, we serve those who serve us all.

About Critical Insight

Critical Insight delivers mission-critical cybersecurity. We defend your organization with a personalized mix of MDR, managed and professional services to assess, test and monitor 24/7. IT teams get back to their daily jobs with a full team of expertise for less than the cost of an employee. We make cybersecurity a path forward, from ensuring compliance to defining customer preferences. We are committed to standing up for those who serve us all, so that no organization should do without effective cyber defense. Critical overview. We defend. You flourish.

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