Company name disputes that have resulted in lawsuits and rebranding

Sainsbury’s didn’t see the fun side of branding a local store

Brainstorming business ideas can be a fun experience. Especially in the beginning, when you have the concept, but just need a memorable headline for the business, one that will stay in the minds of your customers. So imagine all this hard work leading to disputes over the name of the company.

It would be frustrating to say the least, not to mention intimidation for many to receive a formal legal letter in the mail from a large corporation would likely be annoying for many.

One of these scenarios made headlines in June 2017, as a supermarket clashed with the creativity of a local store owner. With that in mind, it was the company name disputes that left companies out of their pocket and returned to the drawing board.

(1) Sainsbury’s

I know what you are thinking. Sainsbury’s “Sainsbury’s would never do such a thing, look like he renamed Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread to please a three-year-old.

Well, who knows the thought process behind this scenario, but in 2012 the supermarket launched a legal attack on the owner of a corner store.

Jel Singh Nagra, owner of a local store in the Newcastle area, has felt the wrath of Sainsbury’s officials, unhappy with the name of his store Singhsbury’s.

“While on my honeymoon in September 2012, I received a letter saying that Sainsbury’s was threatening to sue me. In the letter they indicated how much it would cost, ”Nagra said The Echo of the North.

As a result, her family removed the sign while she was away, fearing costly legal repercussions.

The store has gone unnamed for the past few years, but that all changed in June when it renamed the Morrisinghs store.

Many customers come here for the jokes more than for the actual service. The sign makes us a talking point, ”Nagra added, recalling that there isn’t a lot of passing trade due to a dead end in the road, although he thinks the sign brings more. bisiness.

“If I am asked to take this one off, I will fight for it,” he said.

There is no sign of further disputes over the name of the company although Morrisons has given his blessing.

According to The GuardianThere are several Singhsbury’s stores across the UK and they have never been the target of company name disputes so it is not clear why the Tyneside company has been targeted.

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