Company Profile MSSP Alert 2022 Top 250 MSSPs: SolCyber


Top 250 MSSPs SolCyber, #238 on MSSP Alert 2022 listis a Dallas, Texas-based company with 30 people who are all dedicated full-time to cybersecurity.

The company, founded in 2020, came out of hiding in August 2021 when it raised $20 million in Series A funding. Today, the company, led by CEO Scot McCrady, specializes in l offers standard MSSP services to its core market of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

SolCyber ​​describes its business as “the reduction of Fortune 500 security to a fundamental set of features in an easy-to-consume per-user/per-month subscription.” The service includes 24/7 detection and response capabilities, as well as a curated set of technologies that broadly span the entire kill chain, including phishing simulation, advanced email, EPP and EDR, Privilege Abuse and Lateral Movement Detection. The solution is cyber insurance validated, promoting accelerated applications and up to 30% premium discount for businesses.

SolCyber ​​says “Howdy Partner”

McCrady notes that among his “smartest” business moves in 2022 was “the continued evolution of our core hedging offering to continually add more value.” He also noted the release of the “first favorite product cyber insurance program” and launch of the SolCyber ​​“Hello partner” program to engage with both MSP and sponsorship-type partners.

Through the SolCyber ​​Insurance+ program, customers benefit from up to 30% discount and 10% discount, a faster application process and the assurance of a credible third party, a said McCrady.

Key business relationships include partnerships with Convergate and Surefire Cyber, as well as technology partners that power its Security Operations Center (SOC), namely SentinelOne, Area1 (now part of CloudFlare), Right-Hand Security, Attivo and Ermetic. McCrady adds that Ubiq Security is one of SolCyber’s main customers.

“They were our first design partner and helped ensure that we can truly deliver Fortune 500 security for even the smallest businesses,” he said.

What future for SolCyber

SolCyber ​​priorities in 2023 include:

  • Continue to create momentum and raise awareness of the SME market
  • Bring in additional staff to support sales, marketing, customer support and engineering efforts.
  • Extending services in key problem areas such as privacy, mobile security and secure security as a service (SaaS)

McCrady offered his perspective on the success of his business:

“The market feedback has been incredible. So we think we’ve found a key need, which is world-class security built into a solution that’s easy to consume, quick to deploy, and financially simple – monthly pricing per user, no setup fees, upfront fees, etc. . Customers love it.”


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