CSUNPOWER changes company name to Hanersun, with new products and entering new business area – pv magazine International


Hanersun’s HITOUCH 5N series adopts 182mm TOPCon solar cell, effectively reducing surface compound and metal contact compound. The 24.5% overall cell efficiency, along with the nearly zero LID/LeTID effect and half-cut cell design, bring added benefit to the product, allowing the maximum output power of the module to reach 580 W.

Additionally, the company announced that it will expand its energy storage business by launching two storage products, HISMART RS for households and HISMART CS for commercial and industrial systems. Both series have excellent performance, safety, reliability and flexible design. Hanersun also promises to provide long-term technical support for the products.

After years of practice in the solar industry, CSUNPOWER has provided customers with services ranging from high-efficiency solar module products to high-quality project development, EPC, intelligent operation and maintenance, covering the whole cycle of life of solar power plants, and has received the trust and support of customers in more than 50 countries. Now is the time for this reliable partner to explore a wider world.

Seizing the opportunity of the brand rejuvenation, Michael Liu, CEO of Hanersun, said, “Going forward, under the guidance of our global marketing strategy, Hanersun will continue to strengthen the corporate culture centered on customer value, to enrich product lines, improve enterprise competitiveness, then strengthen brand influence, lead to the era of green and new energy. »


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