DHQ orders retirement of disgruntled officers and soldiers


The Defense Headquarters (DHQ) has ordered the immediate retirement of ‘disgruntled’ officers and soldiers from the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The military high command, in a leaked memo, said the personnel involved had been found guilty of unethical behavior and acts of gross misconduct.

The DHQ has also ordered the leaders of the Nigerian army, navy and air force to “dismiss” their personnel who are no longer motivated to carry out their “constitutional duties”.

The order was contained in the memo dated May 26, 2022 and titled “Retirement of Disgruntled and Unmotivated Staff.”

According to the memo, signed by Rear Admiral MB Nagenu on behalf of the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, disgruntled and demotivated officers and soldiers no longer show a high level of undivided loyalty, and the presence of mind necessary for military operations.

The CDS lamented that some members were disgruntled or overwhelmed by greed for a variety of reasons.

“Given the above, deployments of these personnel do not benefit the Services and are in fact counterproductive.

“Therefore, when identifying disgruntled or unmotivated staff, departments are advised to take steps to compulsorily terminate or retire such staff in accordance with applicable laws, rather than deploying them,” said General Irabor.

When contacted, the Director of Defense Information (DDI), Major General Jimmy Akpor, said the Nigerian Armed Forces depend on and emphasize loyalty, discipline, integrity and self-sacrifice, among other core values, in the troops, to fulfill its constitutional roles. effectively.

He said, “The Nigerian Armed Forces is a highly professional institution. To effectively perform its constitutional roles, the Armed Forces depends on and emphasizes loyalty, discipline, integrity and self-sacrifice, among other core values.

“Take, for example, loyalty. Fidelity is both vertical and horizontal. All personnel must be loyal to their superiors and all lawful orders communicated down; he must also be loyal to his subordinates through the solid leadership he is required to exercise; and horizontally, loyalty to one’s squad, platoon, platoon, company, squadron, unit, etc. by building and conducting themselves in a way that always brings glory to their team and the entire Armed Forces. Anything to the contrary portends a negative perception not only for his team but also for the armed forces as a whole. Such negativities also erode the morale of the fighting troops and the overall effectiveness of the armed forces.

“It should not be overlooked that the Nigerian Armed Forces is a well-structured organization with necessary departments and branches to deal with all matters, administrative or otherwise. Therefore, no staff member would be retired or forced out of service without exhausting rigorous administrative processes and procedures. Rest assured that the Nigerian Army is a self-regulating organization that tenaciously sticks to best administration practices.

“While mechanisms are in place within the 3 Services to deal with administrative matters, it is incumbent on the Defense Staff to play its coordination role at all times. Everyone is proud to talk about the role that he played in the development of the democracy we all enjoy today. The role of the armed forces in this regard is unquantifiable. It therefore requires all servicemen to remain loyal, disciplined, dedicated and committed to the constitutional imperatives of the Nigeria Armed Forces Nothing less can be acceptable at this critical moment in our national identity This is the heart of the message and it must be understood in this context.


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