Distribution Performance Solutions Announces Company Name Change to DCPerform


PHOENIX, Arizona – June 28, 2022 – Distribution Performance Solutions (DPS), a leading provider of distribution solutions, announced that the company will begin operating under the new name DCPerform. This rebranding initiative reflects the growing ambitions of the company and its mission to provide innovative distribution solutions for the success of its customers. Accompanying the name change, a revamped corporate logo was also unveiled.

“Our refreshed brand is an exciting and necessary progression for DCPerform as we continue to establish ourselves in the market,” said Paul Filea, President of DCPerform.

The new branding and modernized logo emphasize the company’s key service area, optimizing and transforming the distribution center (DC). “As innovators in technology and engineering, this newly defined brand closely aligns with our strategic vision, while demonstrating our commitment to growth and the success of our customers,” said Wonil Gregg, vice president of DCPerform.

The new DCPerform logo incorporates the color scheme of the original logo while illustrating the supply chain integration movement in a progressive and upward movement. “It was important to create elements in our new logo design to honor our heritage and highlight the evolution of our core brand values,” said Wonil Gregg.

The company will also launch a new website in September 2022.

To learn more about DCPerform, visit the company’s website at www.dcperform.com.

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About DCPerform

DCPerform, a Phoenix-based company, is an engineering and technology innovation company with customers in retail, manufacturing, technology and e-com distribution. DCPerform provides design, integration, and deployment services that deliver maximum efficiency of warehouse operations and optimal use of space. The global supply chain is challenged by the complexity of meeting today’s market expectations. Through our partner ecosystem and industry-leading capabilities, we aspire to deliver the same world-class experience that our customers deliver to theirs. For more information about DCPerform, visit www.dcperform.com.



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