East Daley Capital Advisors Announces Company Name Change to East Daley Analytics


New brand reinforces commitment to driving transparency and connecting value chain analytics for energy markets

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colorado, September 8, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc. today announced that it has changed its name to East Daley Analytics effective immediately. The new name reflects the company’s continued focus on dissecting the energy value chain, including upstream, downstream and midstream oil and gas.

East Daley Analytics is the energy industry’s most trusted source of energy data and is focused on providing the most robust data analytics to inform customer decisions. Specializing in dissecting the energy value chain, East Daley Analytics provides unbiased and actionable market insights focused on commodity market dynamics and capital market impacts through detailed commodity level analysis. assets.

“We know that our clients don’t always have the time and resources to conduct in-depth asset research, competitive monitoring and ongoing due diligence,” said Justin Carlson, co-founder and COO/CSO of East Daley. Analytic. “Our new name and rebranding more accurately reflects our ongoing commitment to driving transparency in energy markets by providing the most critical macro and micro information to complement our clients’ decisions and long-term strategy. “

East Daley Analytics connects energy markets value chain analysis and provides data insights through its subscription and advisory services.

East Daley Analytics subscription services include comprehensive weekly reporting and asset-level coverage, as well as quarterly earnings overviews and production and stress data on a regular basis. This macro view of the market helps businesses save time by having access to this detailed information in one place, so they can easily identify opportunities and mitigate risk.

East Daley Analytics’ advisory services include custom commodity and financial analysis of the energy market down to the asset level. The company’s analysts provide analysis of all aspects of the energy market, including upstream, midstream and downstream assets, competitive factors and forecasts to help them determine risk based on potential growth . It also helps clients get up to speed quickly and, based on market data and consulting services provided, have full confidence in their decisions.

East Daley recently launched several new products, including the Natural Gas Supply and Demand Forecast Report and Dataset, the NGL Energy Data Studio Network Model, and the NGL Purity Product.

The East Daley Analytics Supply and Demand Forecasting Report and Dataset is a one-of-a-kind supply chain model that connects producers through collection and processing to pipelines for analysis. complete value chain of each basin. Leveraging East Daley’s patented Gathering & Processing database, this unique methodology triangulates multiple datasets, uses asset-level forecasts, and provides a comprehensive macro view that leverages complex infrastructure relationships.

East Daley Analytics’ Energy Data Studio is a dynamic interface that allows users to access and filter a wide range of energy data dashboards. These dashboards are uniquely designed to triangulate multiple datasets, provide context through geospatial visuals, and predict asset-level infrastructure across the oil, gas, and NGL industries.

East Daley Analytics’ NGL Network Model includes splitting capabilities, NGL flows, and a future NGL stresses report and dataset. It allows users to track Y-grade supply through splitting by identifying future constraints based on splitting capacity against Y-grade supply.

East Daley Analytics NGL Purity Product Forecasts combine discrete Purity Product supply histories and forecasts into an easily accessible data file that clients can leverage to analyze future supply by basin, sub- PADD or PADD.

Along with the name change, a newly redesigned logo and website were unveiled, demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to driving energy transparency.

About East Daley Analytics, Inc..

East Daley Analytics specializes in dissecting the energy value chain to drive transparency. The company has built the largest cash flow database of energy assets in the United States to help identify the most important assets and isolate their operational value. He can help with the heavy lifting by providing access to capital and commodity market experts through underwriting and advisory services. For more information, visit http://www.eastdaley.com.

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