Google employees quit because of the company’s military AI project


A dozen Google employees would have left the company because of his insistence on developing AI for the U.S. military through a program called Project Maven. Meanwhile, 4,000 others have signed a petition demanding the shutdown of the business.

There appears to be some internal confusion as to whether “Do not be evil“The motto covers the manufacture of machine learning systems to aid in warfare.

The worst killer robots of all time: Google does not develop weapons for the government, at least not according to Diane Greene, CEO of Google Cloud. Rather, it helps the military configure TensorFlow for analysis of video footage shot by drones.

If you believe that: We have a bridge for you. But more precisely, the petition circulating (with more than 4,000 signatures) responds to the assertion of company executives that it is doing nothing wrong:

Recently, the Googlers raised concerns about Maven internally. Diane Greene responded, assuring them that the technology will not “work or fly drones” and “will not be used to launch weapons”. While this eliminates a small set of direct applications, the technology is designed for the military and once delivered could easily be used to help with these tasks.

The reality is: Project Maven should be named “Big tech company pisses its people off by teaching military people how to use open source software.” TensorFlow is widely praised for its ease of use, so maybe Google should step back and let the best AI advisor in the country handle the situation.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update this story as needed.

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