Google says don’t waste your time putting your business name in blank image alt text


Most sites I know of don’t populate their image alt text for many images. I know a lot of SEOs work on this task, but sometimes it’s a lot of work. An SEO said his client wanted to take a shortcut and autofill any blank alt text with his business name. Google’s John Mueller responded to this by saying “it doesn’t make sense” to do this.

John added that not only did it make no sense, but it would be a waste of time to do so.

An image’s alt text, by definition, is supposed to explain what the image is – it should describe the image for those who can’t see the image. If you just put your company name, that doesn’t describe the image, unless it’s your company logo – I guess. I mean, on, the alt text for the Google logo is “Google” not “Google logo”. But if you have a photo of someone and instead of saying in the alt text “Name photo goes here” and you put your business name – that’s not helpful for you, your users and the search engine.

And if you’re trying to save time doing that, all you’re doing is wasting time, John added.

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