HelloOffice Announces Company Name Change to Raise, Launches New Line of Products and Services


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Raise, the technology-driven commercial real estate brokerage that helps businesses reinvent the workplace, today announced the official launch of its redesigned technology platform, new website and new service offering in the workplace for all its customers. The company will change entirely to Raise Commercial Real Estate from its old nickname of HelloOffice.

“The pandemic has accelerated the future of the workplace within months, which was previously a decade in the works,” said Justin Bedecarre, CEO of Raise. “After interviewing hundreds of clients and interviewing business leaders across many industries, it was clear to us that the reimagining of work was upon us. The need for intuitive technologies and scalable services in the workplace has never been greater.

Capitalizing on his $ 20 million Series A funding raised at the height of the pandemic, Raise is uniquely positioned to help businesses reinvent the way they work and build the office of the future.

“Raise is a perfect name for this team and their incredible platform,” said Maryanne Caughey, Human Resources Manager at Notion. “The company really brings a transformational approach to our real estate. The entire team has equipped us with the strategies, tactics and tools we need to meet our dynamic workforce and achieve our growth goals. ”

The Raise platform digitizes the archaic and siled processes common in commercial real estate. Its disruptive technology enables brokers, project managers and workplace strategists to interact directly with tenants, helping them create multi-market real estate portfolios and operate collaborative and dynamic workplaces for employees. Raise’s clients range from established, publicly traded organizations like Palantir to high-growth startups like Brex.

“Our commitment to serving clients in this new world of work can only be achieved by combining the most intuitive technology solutions alongside leading experts in brokerage, project management and workplace strategy. Our service complements our technology, and we couldn’t be where we are today without both, ”said Bedecarre.

In addition to its new technology platform, Raise has assembled a world-class team of workplace innovators to guide clients, from financial services to biotech and software companies, to navigate the office of the future. Comprised of workplace experts from Tesla, Zynga, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Raise’s latest service offering provides clients with robust return-to-office manuals and hybrid workplace implementation plans. Raise is now rolling out these services to all new and existing customers.

“Since our founding, we’ve looked at commercial real estate differently from traditional brokerage houses,” said Bedecarre. “Our new name reflects our ability to consistently raise the bar for brokers and clients. The Raise brand exemplifies our passion for innovation, culture and radical collaboration.

The new logo, which features two dark green geometric shapes stacked on top of each other to form the letter R, maintains a distinct architectural feel while maintaining maximum flexibility. The logo epitomizes Raise’s mission to reimagine commercial real estate from scratch, fostering collaboration between unified teams and creating technology for every new one today.

In the last quarter, the company also announced its expansion into Silicon Valley, complementing existing footprints in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Raise will continue to expand into other key markets across the country in 2021. For more information on Raise and its services, visit www.raise.work.

About the increase

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, with additional offices in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, Raise is a technology-driven commercial real estate brokerage firm combining expert brokers and workplace leaders with powerful technology to provide companies the best way to find and manage their place of work. In just a few short years, Raise has helped hundreds of top startups and high growth companies including Palantir, Y Combinator, Lattice, and Afterpay, among others. For more information, visit raise.work or contact [email protected]


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