I am a soldier preparing civilians for military training in 8 weeks

  • Farren Morgan is a British soldier in service for seven years.
  • Its side business, The Tactical Athlete, helps civilians prepare for military training in eight weeks.
  • He also introduced and tested a wearable device that reduces the risk of spinal injury.

This article is based on a conversation with Lance Sergeant Farren Morgan, a serving British soldier who offers training to those wishing to join the military. It has been edited for length and clarity.

Being a soldier and training over 400 soldiers while owning a business is my way of helping people be the best version of themselves.

I never had this person to look up to and wish I had…I wanted a motivator in my life; someone who gave me confidence.

When I joined the army, I wanted to stand out because that’s the only way to be recognized among thousands of other soldiers. I passed the infamous Pegasus Company (P-Company) training and got my military jump wings in 2016.

P-Company is intense training that prepares soldiers to serve in a paratrooper role. I joined the Guards Parachute Platoon, along with 500 other people who are qualified – or have wings, as they say – and spent two years jumping out of planes with them.

That’s when I started to focus more on being the fittest. I continued to train and became one of the fittest in the battalion. Then I was sent to a personal training course and started teaching soldiers.

I started tactical athlete as a side hustle because people kept telling me they weren’t sure if they should join the military, police, or fire. Too many people think joining the military is beyond their reach because of the conditioning involved, but it really isn’t.

Although the term “tactical athlete” has long been around to describe those who work in the law enforcement, military, and lifesaving professions, it has not, however, been used as a brand.

Farren Morgan trains people every day.

Farren Morgan enjoys motivating others.

Faren Morgan

My restless side started out of a deep desire to help people achieve optimal physical and mental toughness through a tailored approach to training.

So far I have helped people from America, New Zealand, Portugal, Kenya and other countries.

There’s no greater feeling than knowing that you’ve helped hundreds of people join the military, changed someone’s life for the better, and helped them improve their physical condition.

Helping women into the infantry was another big turning point for me.

I want to be a pioneer in health and wellness technology as much as possible. That’s why I introduced and tested a new wearable technology device in the military, which decreases the risk of spinal injury. The device will teach the user to self-correct their movements to prevent the risk of ergonomic injury via an app.

Some days I might be working 3-6pm, so I might have to start hiring people later. Ultimately, I’m grateful to impact so many people’s lives – and I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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