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With a team of 9 people, national reach and exponential growth, they have expanded and improved their services and brand to better serve you.

Once a company partners with us, they never fight alone to spread their vision to the world. »

— Marie Linne von Berg, Stratifi Owner and Creative Director

RICHARDSON, TEXAS, USA, May 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A creative team’s job is to tell a story; the story of a client, the story of a company, the story of a client, but who tells the story of the creative? Well… they do it themselves. Lost Pearl Creative has been busy adding a few new chapters to its story; now they are ready to share it.

Since 2013, the Lost Pearl Creative team has consistently provided cutting edge, custom design services tailored to the needs of their individual clients. They understood that each of their clients brings their own unique brand, values ​​and vision. They strive to clearly understand, communicate and grow these brands through strategic planning, clear branding and creative print and web design.

Over the past year, Lost Pearl has grown exponentially, expanding not only its forward-thinking team, but also its services and capabilities. Working with brands spanning the country, they offer a wider range of premium services than ever before. It quickly became clear to the team that the company had truly made the leap from entrepreneur to creative partner. With this growth and ever-expanding vision, it became clear that it was time to make a change.

Introducing Stratifi Creative, your creative partner. To signify the evolution, they took on a new name and brand; Creative laminate. Stratifi is where ‘strategy’ meets ‘loyalty’, two words that sum up who they are at their core. They believe in planning and achieving major marketing goals for brands with dedicated and loyal support for business success. It is the cornerstone of the Stratifi team.

Viewing each client as an extension of their own family of work, Stratifi has produced impactful and effective graphic and web design work for small and medium businesses through their core process. “Once a company partners with us, they never fight alone to spread their vision to the world,” says Marie Linne von Berg, owner and chief creative officer of Stratifi. “Instead, our team learns the core of the brand, is passionate about the things that matter to this business, and we use our creative and marketing expertise to share that vision. We know businesses are more than just a name is the dream of an individual, the passion of employees and team members; and it is the families and communities that are served.

In-depth knowledge of each individual business or organization allows Stratifi to make the perfect connections for customers, matching quality services or products with the people who need them and love them. Every business has the ability to shape lives, bring joy, and move the world in a better direction. The hope is that companies and organizations will allow Stratifi to be their guide, their creative partner, on this journey.

The list of design services provided by Stratifi is comprehensive, ranging from branding and print design to digital advertising and social media. Their proven expertise and dedication to the brands that trust them is a track record of success. Stratifi wants everyone to know, even before having that first conversation with their branding company, that their team is true (fidelity) to the client’s vision and will work (strategy) to bring those visions to life.

Simply put – “we’ve got that” – your creative partner.

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