Military engineering group secures bridge supply deal with Irish Defense Force


Stockport-based military manufacturer WFEL has signed a contract with the Irish Defense Force to supply its MGB medium beam bridging system, for an undisclosed sum.

The company is a world leader in rapid deployment military bridges.

The Irish Defense Force has chosen the 31m two-stage MGB variant, which can cover the full range of military and emergency bridging needs.

It will be supplied complete with handrails, making the system adaptable for use not only during military operations, but also in disaster relief and emergency scenarios, such as the severe flooding seen recently in Europe.

The Irish Army has used WFEL’s MGB system since the late 1970s.

The Corps of Engineers – the military engineering branch of the Irish Defense Forces – will take delivery of the new MGB Bridge. The corps is responsible for combat engineering and construction engineering services, providing engineering on the battlefield, and has successfully brought its skills and expertise to bear in several of the Irish Army’s deployments as part of United Nations operations.

Colonel Damian McEvoy, Director of Engineering for the Irish Defense Force, said: “As long-time users of the medium girder bridge system, we are already aware of its many benefits and, by updating our assets bridging system with the latest version of the MGB, we will continue to be equipped with the most versatile modular bridging system available, allowing our engineering division to respond quickly to situations on and off the battlefield.

With over 500 systems already supplied to armies around the world, the MGB Modular Military Bridging System offers interoperability with any other MGB of any age and is already adopted by many NATO members.

WFEL is currently supplying 17 sets of its MGB medium girder bridges to the UK MoD, following a review of the MoD’s modular gap bridging capabilities.

One of the key criteria for this contract was the fact that the MGB system can be configured in several different ways to provide flexibility to the commander in the field.

Tom Winney, Business Development Manager at WFEL, said: “We are delighted to once again be working closely with the Irish Defense Force and refreshing their stocks of military relays with the latest MGB systems, to provide advanced capabilities. engineering.

“We are seeing increased interest in our MGB bridging systems around the world, due to their modular and versatile nature, as forces around the world recognize the need for rapid gap-closing capability to ensure unrestricted maneuvering. for vehicles up to 70 tonnes.”


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