Most Valuable Company Profile: Discover Insight One Solutions


Insight One Solutions and its affiliates – Sortis Financial, Mortgage Specialists International (MSI), Williams & Williams Auction and I Property Claim (IPC) – provide clients with a unique end-to-end experience with big-picture insight and stability to plan for the long term while maintaining the independence that comes with being a private company. Our diverse activities enable us to assess customer processes in a rapidly changing market and provide pragmatic solutions in real time.

A disguised opportunity. The pandemic has brought significant headwinds to the entire mortgage industry. The mortgage default sector was particularly hard hit, with moratoria on foreclosures and forbearances significantly reducing inventories. While many companies have made significant cuts, we have invested in our people, our processes and our technology. We have developed or hired the best talent to lead each of our businesses and we are more committed than ever to delivering quality results.

“When you have owner support that says, ‘I trust you and just do the right thing,’ we know the sky is the limit,” said Jodi Gaines, Insight One’s Chief Client Officer.

Our (recent) story. The reorganization of our family of companies began in October 2019 when Steve Stallard, Director of Insight One, hired Jodi Gaines as Director of Client Relations. Gaines, a 30-year industry veteran who co-founded CRFS in 2002, began by actively listening to existing customers, potential customers, and other industry leaders to understand customer needs and develop more effective solutions. The next piece of the puzzle was moving Insight One General Counsel and former IPC President Baker Breedlove to MSI’s CEO position in July 2020. Since then, MSI’s on-time transfer results have been flawless. . In addition to substantial reductions in aging inventory and improved KPIs across the board, MSI has partnered with customers, investors, and insurers to navigate regulatory changes, advocate for policy changes, and seek clarification. on areas of ambiguity. In a bittersweet compliment, one customer even said that MSI went from worst to first, then rewarded MSI with additional business.

“The MSI team has grown significantly stronger,” Breedlove said. “We are once again focusing on relationships with customers, our supplier network and our employees. We remain deeply committed to adding significant value through expertise and technology, paying constant attention to the experience of the end user.”

“Insight One relies heavily on people and technology to deliver our value proposition,” Stallard added. “From the beginning, our goal has been to change the status quo of the default service. Managing properties through the default lifecycle is complicated and presents enormous regulatory risk. We do more than solve the problem at hand; we anticipate the next and bring the expertise and technology needed to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Errett Dickerson joined the family of companies in August 2020 as COO of IPC, the risk claims division of Insight One. “It’s amazing how much money is left on the table because properties are not thoroughly vetted or due to an incomplete understanding of insurance coverages. We help our clients recover what is owed to them. Our results speak for themselves,” said Dickerson.

In January 2021, Stallard hired Trevor Hall to run Auction and Williams and Williams. Hall brings over 20 years of auction experience and is the only licensed auctioneer and COO in the online real estate space. Hall has been focused on improving everything about auctions, especially the customer and buyer experience.

“With our new leadership and the combined efforts of our corporate family, we have the opportunity to deliver a new level of service to our customers,” Hall said.

In early August 2021, Stallard hired Justin Gay, a former TIAA executive with a proven track record, to lead Sortis Financial, a licensed originator, servicing agent and collection agent. Sortis currently provides ancillary services, call center overflows, debt collection services and other component service offerings.

“While there was a lot of work involved in the many improvements we made, our teams quickly adapted,” Gay said. “We also used this slower time to improve all things we do, and as a result, we’re a better company.”


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