Most Valuable Company Profile: Explore Financial Disaster Recovery Services


This piece originally appeared in the March 2022 edition of DS News magazine, online now.

What makes CRFS a “Most Valuable Company?”
As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2022, CRFS diligently maintains its strategic goal of being the industry leader in the outsourcing of advice and claims management in the post-default segment of the industry. residential mortgage loans. This focus underpins one of our primary corporate goals, which is to be a strategic partner that helps our customers sleep peacefully at night, knowing that their pre- and post-foreclosure claims are handled accurately and in a timely manner. . As the company’s president, Steve Mowers, often says, “The value proposition to our customers is quite simple: we reduce risk while improving bottom line results. »

Simply put, over our 20-year history, CRFS has become the recognized leader in pre- and post-default claims management outsourcing and consulting solutions. Dedicated to providing unparalleled speed, exceptional customer service and measurable results, CRFS provides default services and industry-leading claims handling solutions. We sincerely believe that we continue to set the standard of excellence in the industry.

How do you cultivate and recruit new talent?
Although our headquarters is in Western New York, we have maintained a remote component of our staffing strategy since 2019. This allows us to recruit talent across the country to ensure to have access to the best and brightest talent in the industry. at all levels of the organization. Our comprehensive, data-driven compensation models are designed to integrate our corporate goals with employee incentives, including but not limited to cash compensation, which are important to our teams. We also employ an integrated talent planning program as part of a broader employee development plan which ensures that we build a strong internal recruitment bench to meet our ongoing leadership needs while providing our staff a definable path of advancement.

How do you use technology to stay at the forefront of your industry?
Our commitment to technology takes many forms, including some we hadn’t anticipated. The events of the past 24 months have affected us in many ways, including CRFS transitioning from a somewhat traditional brick-and-mortar operation to a completely remote staffing model. To do this, we deployed a combination of hardware and software solutions that got 100% of our staff up and running at full productivity in a very short time. Over time, we have implemented additional technology platforms, including Microsoft Teams and wider use of secure mobile devices to facilitate increased collaboration and interaction between our team members, which has resulted in improvements of productivity.

Under the leadership of a new CIO, we have made steady and significant investments in the underlying technology that supports mission-critical functions, including upgrading our process/ document management interface and related workflow improvements and automation features that support our claim. preparation and download process.

Why should industry professionals consider a career with your company?
Most people want to work for a company they can believe in and that will last for a long time. In terms of claims management and operational advice, since its creation in 2002, CRFS has developed a system that works. CRFS has accurately filed tens of thousands of claims and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. And CRFS is committed to building strong client relationships by consistently delivering quality results.

The company’s management has over 85 years of combined industry experience, and its cross-functional teams are uniquely structured to accommodate any size project. CRFS ensures that the most efficient and relevant processes are put in place from the start to ensure that recoveries, savings and return on investment are maximized from day one. We sincerely hope that this stability, coupled with our commitment to individual employee development, will make CRFS the kind of company mortgage industry professionals choose to work for.

What other aspects of your business would you like to highlight?
CRFS offers a highly collaborative and transparent customer relationship management and onboarding process that makes it easy to identify and implement operational efficiencies that improve the process on both sides. And CRFS’ experienced workforce enables us to react quickly to changing market conditions. As an example, CRFS has recently developed and deployed solutions to assist clients with both FHA emergency loss mitigation and FNMA deferment claims instituted amid the pandemic. of COVID-19. And we offer flexible, scalable solutions based on our proprietary claims and loss analysis platforms that are fully customizable to our clients’ needs.


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