MyRepublic’s Human Resources Director reveals the company’s new values


  • Never settle
  • Stronger together
  • Ability to deliver
  • We care

MyRepublic will launch new initiatives, including a flexible approach to work, to enable employees to adopt these values ​​in their daily work within the company. “The pandemic has changed the way we think about work, so rather than trying to alleviate the challenges it presented, we decided to use this disruption to rethink and revolutionize our corporate culture and ways of doing business. work, ”said Deborah Woollard, director of human resources. at MyRepublic.

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Impactful remote experience

Woollard, who started his role at MyRepublic remotely during the pandemic, can attest to how much the work has turned into something “drastically different.” The seasoned HR manager, however, believes that teams “can continue to do a good job” – even if the team members had different work models. To enable employees to continue to perform and thrive at work, leaders must step up and adapt.

“If there is one thing that the past 18 months have taught us as business leaders, it is the fact that many of our entrenched work practices and concepts can and should evolve,” he said. -she writes in an article on LinkedIn. This is why the company has decided to “ride this wave of change and go even further” to place the employee experience at the heart of its action.

To embark on this adventure, the company will launch the following initiatives:


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