NGK Spark Plugs (USA) Inc. will change its company name


NGK Spark Plugs (USA) Inc., a global ignition and sensor specialist, has announced that effective April 1, 2023, the company name will change to Niterra North America INC. The name change follows the global brand unification strategy of NGK Spark Plug Co. LTD, which will begin operating under the English trade name Niterra Co., LTD next April. The Japanese language corporate name will not change.

“As we prepare, build and lead our business into the future, we continue to grow and expand inside and outside of the automotive and other ICE industries,” said Michael Schwab, President and CEO. “We are becoming an increasingly progressive society as we strive to realize our vision for the future. However, it became apparent several years ago that the name of our global companies in English, although very well established, had certain limitations, creating a narrow image of our identity vis-à-vis the outside world and not lending itself to evolution.

The new name, not specific to spark plugs, combines the Latin words Niteo, to shine, and Terra, planet earth, reflecting the company’s future vision and its already expanding portfolio of products and services. The company has been planning and creating the future for some time, most recently with the development of the Venture Lab, which contributes to society by developing solutions to customer problems. In addition, the team identifies and organizes new ideas in the fields of mobility, medicine and public services.

The company will not rebrand its products with this transition, stating that the NGK and NTK brands will remain trusted brands in its portfolio or products. However, other brands may be added in the future as they evolve.

“This is an exciting time for our business. We are expanding our core ceramic technologies and challenging ourselves to develop solutions and services that use technology to solve social issues while contributing to a sustainable society. We have a strong team with strategic, functional and operational expertise that will enable us to maximize our growth potential for many years to come.


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