Orca Systems Announces SOC Satellite IoT Connectivity Solution


SAN DIEGO, Calif., – Orca Systems in San Diego has announced its first wireless system-on-chip (SoC) solution for the satellite Internet of Things (IoT), the ORC3990. Orca is a fabless semiconductor company providing digital RF technology. The company has designed and developed the fully integrated ORC3990 SoC to meet the requirements of satellite IoT connectivity. Orca Systems’ new SoC solution provides enabling RF technology for Totum, enabling direct indoor satellite operation on Totum’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network.

“By quickly delivering the first successful silicon to meet our project timelines, Orca Systems enabled Totum to quickly demonstrate communication from the ground with our SoC-based endpoint to our satellite network in record time,” said Ted Myers, CEO of Totum, “The ORC3990 SoC, with its high level of integration and low power requirements, provides the lowest cost two-way terminals in the industry with a 10-year battery life. is a game-changing technology for satellite-based IoT connectivity.”

A ground terminal based on Totum satellite technology for a LEO network using the ORC3990 SoC requires minimal BOM. The external components are reduced to a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), passive filters and switches, a PCB antenna and a battery. For simple and compact tracker-on-a-chip applications supporting global connectivity and positioning, a sub-$10 endpoint solution is possible based on the ORC3990 SoC.

“Orca’s unique architecture lends itself to integrating everything required in an IoT-focused SoC application,” said John McDonough, CEO of Orca Systems. “Building the ORC3990 SoC with GlobalFoundries’ 22nm FD-SOI 22FDX technology has ensured a low-cost, low-power SoC solution that will be highly competitive in today’s market. Our innovative approach to IC design leverages extensive reuse of our SoC architecture, circuitry, and methodologies, enabling us to deliver first silicon within one year of design for our partner Totum.


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