Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions (PTS) Announces Company Name Change to Curapath and Expansion of Drug Delivery Capabilities and Services


VALENCIA, SPAIN & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions (PTS), a leader in the design, development and custom manufacturing of polyamino acid-based delivery systems for vaccines and therapeutics, today announced that the company changed its name to Curapath. As part of the Curapath transformation, the company expanded its existing capabilities to develop and manufacture novel lipid excipients and functional polymers and nanoparticle formulations.

“PTS was established a decade ago and since then our capabilities and services have grown steadily to meet the ever-changing drug delivery challenges of our customers, including the world’s leading manufacturers. vaccines and therapeutics,” said Robert Shaw, CEO. “Our new name, Curapath, reflects our expanded portfolio of services beyond polymers and represents our commitment to providing support along the entire journey of new vaccines and therapeutics, from development to approval.

Extensive capabilities are backed by the company’s comprehensive portfolio of services, which includes development, formulation, analytical method development, GMP manufacturing, and fill and finish. Curapath is also adding manufacturing capability to support late-stage, commercial-scale production of novel functional excipients and nanoparticles.

“Our vision is to enable biopharmaceutical innovators to overcome drug delivery and safety challenges, accelerate progress towards clinical milestones, and unlock the full value and potential of their advanced therapies and vaccines” , said Vicent J. Nebot, PhD, chief technical officer. “We do this by helping our customers develop and manufacture the most advanced polymer and lipid-based delivery systems so that drugs and vaccines can safely target the right pathways and tissues to produce the right effects. desired therapies. By expanding our capabilities in new functional excipients and nanoparticle formulations, we remain at the forefront of innovative drug delivery solutions and continue to support our customers’ clinical development journey.

Members of the Curapath technical team will be present at the Lipid Nanoparticles Development Summit to be held in London from October 18e – 20e. Dr. Nebot will present the development of new protective lipid excipients for LNP formulations at 11:00 a.m. local time, October 20e. His presentation will include information on:

  • Stealth PEG alternative lipids with reduced immunogenicity

  • CMC development of new functional excipients

  • Development of a transparent LNP formulation with alternative protective lipids

About Curapath

Curapath is a leading GMP-grade manufacturer of polyamino acid (PAA) and lipid-based nanoparticle encapsulation technologies for advanced drug delivery applications including mRNA, DNA, cell therapies , gene therapies, biologics, vaccines and small molecule therapies. The Curapath team of expert biochemists and polymer materials scientists are essential partners in the drug development and commercialization processes of some of the world’s leading vaccine and therapeutics companies. The Company offers contract development and manufacturing services, including preclinical development, analytical characterization, technology transfer, GMP manufacturing and fill/finish services. Learn more at www.curapath.com and on LinkedIn.

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