Premium Funding and Principal Finance reveal the name of their merged company


The new Arteva Funding brand is the result of an extensive research process that has been undertaken since the companies announced their merger. According to a company statement, the new name, new logo, visual identity, social media accounts and website strengthen the new merged company’s position in the market and represent its purpose, vision for the company. future and its dedication to industry innovation and customer service.

Commenting on the name change, Arteva Funding CEO Daniel Gronert said: “The name change and rebranding is an important step in our integration journey. Arteva Funding brings our team together under one banner and defines who we are. Our independence, the use of technology to drive change and our commitment to providing an exceptional financing experience to both our broker partners and our clients are reflected in our new brand identity. We’re different from others in the market, and the brand does a great job of representing that.

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In addition to the rebranding, Arteva Funding launched a new system for brokers, PF LIVE, replacing the existing Premium Funding Pty Ltd system, Red-eFund.

PF LIVE provides detailed reports, real-time customer activity updates, a centralized customer view, enhanced communication features and a seamless fundraising experience. Red-eFund users will be automatically upgraded to PF LIVE.

Commenting on PF LIVE, Ross Hayward, Head of Systems and Strategy at Arteva Funding, said: “Using technology to transform the industry has always been a priority for Premium Funding and Principal Finance.

“PF LIVE was designed entirely in-house and we involved our broker partners every step of the way. The new system not only simplifies the funding experience, but also gives our broker partners more data to help them forge growth strategies and full transparency into their client relationships. It’s more than just a place to organize a finance contract; it is a commercial tool.

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