Rheinmetall: RFEL announces company name change to Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd


(Diese Meldung ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.)

RFEL, Newport, Isle of Wight/UK, is pleased to announce that, as part of its planned growth strategy, a rebranding program is underway, including changing its company name to Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd.

As part of its growth strategy, the company is changing to a new name: Rheinmetall Electronics UK. This name represents a milestone for the company; aligning more closely with Rheinmetall’s wider mission, but also recognizably representing Rheinmetall Electronics Solutions in the UK.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK has been part of the Rheinmetall Group since 2009 and this transition will strengthen its presence in the UK as a supplier of products and systems, whilst ensuring a solid foundation for Rheinmetall Electronic Solutions in the domestic and export markets.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK has experienced significant growth over the past 18 months, increasing the size of its team by 50%. This trajectory is expected to continue, with expansion plans over the next four years and beyond, both in terms of headcount and revenue. The company is part of the British Industry Boxer MIV and Challenger 3 team, which drives two of the most important modernization programs in the British Army.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK Managing Director Richard Streeter said: “This is another important milestone in the history of this exciting company. We have grown dramatically in recent years and with this name change we are consolidating our presence in the UK as a major supplier of military equipment. The name reflects our ability to offer the full range of products from our own portfolio and that of Rheinmetall Electronic Solutions. This move positions the company for the journey to 2030 and beyond as we support our customers’ missions on the domestic and export markets.


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