Scammer uses name of woman’s family business to ‘sell’ roast suckling pig on FB


IPOH: Businesswoman found herself in hot water after her family’s business name was used to trick people into buying roast suckling pig, a dish she didn’t sells more.

Fong Kah Leng, 42, said the dish is popular during Chinese New Year and that she imports it from overseas, but due to lack of stock, she decided not to sell it this year.

She said she informed her customers in January on Facebook that this year she would not be selling the dish.

She has been running her business for 22 years.

However, an unknown person had created a Facebook account, provided photos of the dish, the address of the company, names as well as his home address in Bercham, which led to many people ordering the delicacy. .

“However, on Chinese New Year’s Eve, I received a call from someone telling me that he had not received the dish he ordered from us.

“Since then, until today (February 19), I received calls from people who had bought the dish through a Facebook account created by the scammer, and several people also came to my house to ask for their orders. She said. a press conference hosted by MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau Chief Low Guo Nan on Friday February 19.

Fong said a man even came to her home to ask her for the 10 roast suckling pigs he ordered and showed her account transactions in the amount of RM 1,680 made to a personal account of a certain Chan Kim Sin.

“I kept telling them that we are not con artists and that we had already communicated with customers our decision not to sell the treat this year.

“Every time they come to my house, I have to show them the police report I made at Bercham police station on February 17th.

“However, I’m happy that my repeat customers who saw the ad on Facebook first called me to ask if we were selling the dish,” she said, adding that her entire previous sales method was to hand over the proceeds and collect the money. on the spot.

Low advised those who had been duped to file police reports, so action could be taken against the scammer.

“Pretending to be a customer, I texted the person requesting the dish, where I received a response that delivery is free anywhere in Malaysia.

“When asked why the bank account number was under a personal name and not a business name, the person replied that it was a home business.

“We need to ask more questions, because how can a home business deliver the dish for free across the country,” he said.


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