US military links prolific hacking group with Iranian secret service ::


– The US Army Cyber ​​Command on Wednesday detailed several hacking tools that officials say the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security has used against computer networks “around the world.”

This is the first time, according to a command spokesperson, that the US government has explicitly linked the Iranian intelligence ministry to a prolific spy group known as MuddyWater that has attempted in recent years to siphon off data from the military. telecommunications companies and other organizations across the Middle East.

This is part of a regular effort by Cyber ​​Command and other US agencies to expose hacking tools allegedly used by foreign intelligence services in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to mitigate the effects of their espionage operations.

Cyber ​​Command has released several samples of malicious code allegedly used by Iranian hackers, to help organizations in the United States and elsewhere defend themselves against future intrusion attempts. A Cyber ​​Command spokesperson declined to comment on whether the malware had recently been used against U.S. organizations.

A spokesperson for the Iranian mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Iran has several teams that conduct cyber espionage, cyberattack and intelligence operations,” said Sarah Jones, senior senior analyst at cybersecurity firm Mandiant. “The security services that sponsor these actors, the VEVAK and the IRGC, use them to get a head start on Iran’s adversaries and competitors around the world.

MuddyWater has been a key part of Iran’s cyber-espionage apparatus, analysts say. Hackers, for example, led a months-long effort to break through government networks in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq that began in 2019 and continued after the U.S. military murdered a senior Iranian general. in January 2020.

The group has also attempted to rape organizations in North America, but there is less publicly available information about these hacks.

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