Visiontech Solutions Group (VSG) announces the change of company name to Chainlogix

Troy, Virginia, September 13, 2021 – ( – “Chainlogix” better reflects the company’s use of proven, systematic approaches to operating the supply chain.

Today, Visiontech Solutions Group (VSG), a global leader in bespoke supply chain solutions, announced that it will change its name to Chainlogix effective September 1, 2021. According to François Martin, vice president of marketing , the name “Chainlogix” better represents the company by combining its two core competencies: supply chain management and disciplined problem solving.

Rick Perrault, CEO, said: “We are excited about this new name because it better reflects what we do: solve your supply chain challenges with effective solutions to ensure supply chain reliability, a effective cost reduction and superior innovation. Rest assured that nothing in the daily support we provide to you will change. We are the same team and we have a commitment to the same mission and the same values ​​that have guided our partnership since its inception.

The intention of the company is not lost in the new logo. While blue expresses professionalism, confidence, authority, power and loyalty, orange represents dynamism, playfulness, happiness, artistry and energy. Links in the open chain symbolize the interconnected nature of supply chains, the trust inherent in partnership, as well as Chainlogix’s commitment to openness and transparency.

About Chainlogix
Since opening its doors in 1988, Chainlogix has been an industry leader in creative and designed solutions for manufacturers. Its highly experienced supply chain professionals assist every step of the manufacturing process, from design to production of quality products. Through the company’s strategic partnerships, strong commitment to unparalleled customer service, sourcing capabilities around the world, and offices in the United States and China, customers achieve sustainable cost reductions. acquisitions and strengthen the resilience of their supply chain.

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