What is the meaning of the name of Pearl Milling Company?


In a recent PepsiCo Announcement, Pearl Milling Company is the new name for the pancake mix and syrup brand known as Aunt Jemima. From June, the new brand will be visible on store shelves. Although the product inside the containers has not changed, the meaning of the new brand name has been carefully chosen.

As seen recently, many food companies have changed their branding and names to remove culturally insensitive labels. Although Aunt Jemima has been on store shelves for decades, the imagery doesn’t have a proper portrayal.

Brand names aren’t the only changes in the food world. Many recipes have changed their descriptions away from certain labels. Instead of terms like Asian, some recipes tend to express flavor descriptions instead.

Why did PepsiCo use the name Pearl Milling Company?

After careful consideration, the name refers to the original company that created the pancake mix. Founded in 1888, the St. Joseph Missouri Company was the originator of this self-rising pancake mix that has become a staple in many people’s pantries.

While some people may take a moment to associate Pearl Milling Company with the iconic brand, the color scheme of the packaging is similar. By using the classic red and yellow colors, many people will instantly associate the new branding with the familiar brand.

While the rebranding is important, PepsiCo is more committed to empowering communities. In addition to the five-year $ 400 million pledge to uplift black communities and businesses, Pearl Milling Company pledges $ 1 to “empower and uplift black girls and women.”

While this rebranding announcement will attract attention, the financial commitment to make a difference in communities is the bigger story. As consumers have shown in recent years, brands that connect with similar ideals, goals, and goals can lead to a purchase. On a crowded store shelf, the company that shows its commitment to core values ​​has an advantage over brands that aren’t making their voice heard.

What do you think of the name of Pearl Milling Company? Do you think this is a good choice?


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